About us

Mouthful is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal of changing the status quo by bringing students from disadvantaged backgrounds together with influential figures over a dinner. Since the first Mouthful meal in San Francisco in October 2016, we have expanded to over 10 cities in the US and Europe.


Mouthful is entirely student-led, with high school students and college students around the world to organize each dinner, manage a pipeline of guests, direct activities with partner organizations, and reach out to potential funders. Recent graduates of UWC schools participate in each dinner as Mouthful representatives.

Mouthful events are unique in their intimacy, providing room for free-flowing conversations, with topics ranging from undocumented immigration and racial inequality to peaceful protests.


Our dinners are hosted in small restaurant settings with six students, one Mouthful representative, and our guest to ensure an opportunity for every student to speak about personal experiences and opinions. 


Students are recommended and selected from our scholar organization network and are able to individually make lasting connections with the Mouthful guest.  All meal costs are covered by Mouthful thanks to our funders.


Contact us at info@mouthful.org, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.​



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Selected Past Guests

San Francisco

Los angeles



new york


Biz Stone

Co-founder of Twitter


Wael Ghonim, 

Arab Spring Leader, Winner of JFK Profile in Courage Award


Sue Decker,

Former President of Yahoo

Anthony Villaraigosa

Former Mayor of Los Angeles 


Christy Haubegger,

#Times Up Co-Founder, Latina Magazine Founder

Obi Felton,

Head of Google X Moonshots

Nick Pickles

Head of Public Policy, Government at Twitter

Ivo Daalder

Former US ambassador to NATO


Kori Schulman

Director, Obama White House, and Obama Foundation

Cheryl Dorsey 

President, Echoing Green


Elizabeth Nyamayaro

Executive Director HeForShe, Senior Advisor United Nations

Matthew Ryder 

Deputy Mayor of London


In 2018 and 2019 we will be expanding to Boston, Washington DC and Seattle, as well as Madrid and Paris.