IMPAct is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3). We have hosted Mouthful dinners across the US and Europe. Here below are a few of the many students who have attended our dinners.


Each Mouthful dinner is limited to six high school students. All students are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Mouthful students are selected exclusively by our partner organizations. Mouthful relies 100% on our network of partners to choose which students attend our Mouthful dinners. 


If you would like to participate in a dinner and are a member of a non-profit assisting disadvantaged high school students, please have your mentor or director contact us at All dinner costs are covered by Mouthful thanks to our funders.


"I loved everything about Tuesday’s dinner. I do feel as if I gained experience that can help me talk to world leaders or people that are well known... Having dinner with Elizabeth helped me have hope that not everyone involved in politics are corrupted. It helped me see that there are people in politics that genuinely want to help people around the world."


"My favorite part was the freedom of the conversation that flowed both ways. Not only did we ask her questions, but she asked us for our input and encouraged our ideas."


“Being able to speak to a world leader boosted my confidence because I understand their work ethics and how they are great role models to society.”


"I really enjoyed the honest feedback. Mouthful provided a dinner experience that not only helped me learn about a true role model, but also I learned more about myself."


"I learned so much and am lucky to have gone tonight. It was a blast. Thank you again so much for this awesome opportunity, and the hard work you put in to put it all together." 


"My favorite thing about Thursday's dinner was how Tony Prophet was so passionate about his job and got to connect with us on a personal level."


"Being able to talk to someone so successful really made a positive impact in my mind as far as how high I am in my future endeavors. I have learned from my conversation that hard work and determination truly does pay off." Overall, being able to be part of such an amazing experience has shed new light upon the possibilities and change I could make in society if I were to apply myself to the full extent of my capabilities.”


“I loved how down to earth and humble she was. She did not make us feel like students, but more like companions or a friend. Getting the chance to discuss about her successes and failures that she overcame made me feel more contented and less afraid of what the future has planned for me. The intimate conversation made me feel more confident.”


"Just having dinner with her was the best thing I’ve ever experienced" 


"The fact that I met the former ambassador of NATO and spending time with One Goal partners that I had never encountered before was perfect. My favorite part was asking questions and getting the most out of the answers."


"I loved getting to know my mayor and having a normal conversation. When you think about politicians, they seem so far away, but with Mouthful, I was able to actually talk and get to know more about my mayor and the local politics scene in my community."


"I loved talking to my mayor and appreciated the closeness and intimacy of the conversation."