"food is our common grounD"

        - James Beard

Guest outreach


Year-round, Mouthful team members invite leaders to join us for a unique experience.  We often work closely with conferences like the Skoll Forum to provide their attendees with an opportunity to meet local students.  Our guests lead highly-recognized business, government and non-profit organizations.


Student selection

We partner with nationally recognized non-profits to recruit promising high school scholars from underserved communities. Mouthful has built a network of community-based organizations across the US and Western Europe. There are no costs​ to the partner organization for participating in our Mouthful dinners.


Intimate dinners

Each dinner is limited to six high school students, one Mouthful representative, and our guest. Dinner conversations bring people together. Our Mouthful dinners have shown impact, leading to common understanding, increased confidence and inspiring students and guests to learn about different communities.