Our Story

Mouthful brings together six high school students from disadvantaged communities to share dinner and stories with a notable world leader.  We believe sharing a meal can be a transformative experience for both the invited guest and students.


The idea was crafted after a trip to the Iowa Caucuses for the Presidential Candidacy. 


On his trip, Luc met with virtually every candidate, including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. While listening to the candidates speak to their audiences, Luc noticed something striking: the most effective impact seemed to come from conversations that were taking place over small dinners, cafés, and other relatively intimate settings.


“It was remarkable to me that students and community members could meet with candidates and speak freely with more individualized attention,” remarks Luc after reflecting on how his endeavor came to be. “I wanted to emulate
that ... for young people with few resources. It’s a departure from the large, packed auditoriums where candidates only give speeches to the masses.”


Mouthful events are unique in their intimacy, providing room for free-flowing conversations, with topics ranging from undocumented immigration and racial inequality to humiliation in audacity and peaceful protests. Our dinners are hosted in small restaurant settings with six students, one Mouthful representative, and the guest to ensure an opportunity for every student to speak about personal experiences and opinions. In comparison to large gym settings where individuality lacks and only the lucky few are selected to ask questions, students at Mouthful meals are able to not only able to ask pressing questions, but they are also able to share their own perspectives. 


Mouthful invites a healthy diversity of conversational viewpoints while simultaneously connecting high school students with people in positions of leadership.


Students are recommended and selected from our network of scholar organizations and are able to individually make lasting connections with the Mouthful guest.  All meal costs are covered by grants and private donations.


(excerpts from A Better Chance newsletter)