Our Scholar Organizations

A Better Chance

Since 1963, A Better Chance has been opening the door to educational opportunities for thousands of young people of color in this nation.  Our mission is to increase substantially the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society. 

Oxford Hub

Oxford Hub is a charity offering practical volunteering, skilled placements, project incubation and events in Oxford


We help high achieving students in years 11-13 broaden their horizons through access to academic, professional and enrichment opportunities.


"It was a pleasure to connect our students with as passionate and dedicated an individual as Deputy Mayor Ryder via Mouthful, and we are excited to go on offering our students such outstanding networking and personal development opportunities in the future!"


Andrew Fairbairn, CEO and Founder SEO London

Next Generation Scholars

Next Generation Scholars offers a college preparatory curriculum, psychological services, leadership training and supportive social services. All elements of our programs are approached through the lens of ethnic studies and social justice.

One Goal

OneGoal is a national organization that works to close the college degree divide between students from low-income communities and their peers from high-income areas. OG partners with high schools to offer a unique, scalable solution built into the school day, taught by great educators, and prioritizing young people whose college prospects are limited due to socioeconomic and academic barriers.


"Thank you so much for making this opportunity available to our Fellows. We so appreciate these types of experiences that provide access to powerful people and spaces to uplift the genius of our young people. The work you are doing is valuable, transformative, and so appreciated!”


Lina Fritz, Managing Director

College Track

College Track is a comprehensive college completion program that empowers students from underserved communities to graduate from college. From 9th grade through college graduation, our 10-year program removes the academic, financial, and social-emotional barriers that prevent low-income and first-generation students from earning their college degree.

"At College Track, we want our students to see themselves as change agents in the world. Mouthful has allowed our students access to people who are doing just that. These connections have been truly transformative in reframing what is possible." 

Elissa Salas, Chief Executive Officer

The Knowledge Is Power Program

KIPP, the Knowledge is Power Program, is a non-profit network of 224 college-preparatory, public charter schools educating early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students.

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