welcome UWC Alumni

Mouthful.org has been recognized by the United World Colleges as furthering the UWC mission of making education a force for peace and a sustainable future. Mouthful.org is an officially recognized UWCx organization.


UWC alumni attend our dinners, represent Mouthful.org, and facilitate dinner conversations. 

If you are a UWC alumnus interested in joining a dinner, please contact us.

We are also actively looking for UWC alumni and students to help us expand into new locations and recruit guests.


Please contact uwc@mouthful.org



Ojaswee Rajbhandary

Nepal, UWC-USA,

Columbia University

"The dinner was an amazing experience. Elizabeth and the students were all very engaged in the conversation and we covered some of the most interesting issues around feminism and the world as the whole. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of this."

Catherine Ballali

Tanzania, UWC Maastricht,

Earlham College

"I really enjoyed the dinner with Ambassador Daalder! It was fun to meet local Chicago students, and discuss the Syrian conflict, fake news, and the paradox of social media. Mouthful is a great initiative!"


Scott Kim

Australia, Li Po Chun UWC,

New York University

“I never thought I would get to share personal conversations over dinner with a leader as respectable as Elizabeth. It’s almost a shame that it could be experienced by so few people, but that’s also the gem of the Mouthful experience. Thank you!”

Amelia Redmond

Canada, Pearson College UWC,

Wellesley College

As a UWC alum, hosting a Mouthful dinner just made sense. The way Mouthful brings people together from across boundaries is UWC at its core.

Witnessing and participating in conversations with youth and successful entrepreneurs was a powerful experience - I would definitely do it again!


Maymouna Kane


Columbia University

Attending a Mouthful event was an enlightening and humbling experience. It reminded me that we all can so much to learn from each other, especially those whose experiences differ from ours. It was refreshing seeing an accomplished adult open up and have a discussion with high schoolers as equals.