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Partner Organizations

A Better Chance

For thousands of young people of color in this country, A Better Chance has been opening the door to educational opportunity since 1963. Our goal is to greatly expand the number of well-educated young people of color who in American society are capable of holding positions of responsibility and leadership.


Oxford Hub

Oxford Hub is a charity that provides practical volunteering, professional placements, incubation of projects and Oxford activities.



Via access to academic, career and enrichment resources, we support highly performing students in years 11-13 expand their horizons.


Next Generation Scholars

A college preparatory program, psychological services, leadership preparation and supporting social services are offered by Next Generation Academics. Via the prism of multicultural studies and social justice, all facets of our programmes are approached.

One Goal

OneGoal is a global association that aims to narrow the distance between students from low-income backgrounds and their high-income counterparts in the college degree market. Due to socio-economic and academic challenges, OG works with high schools to deliver a creative, flexible approach integrated into the school day, taught by great educators, and prioritizing young people whose college opportunities are minimal.


College Track

College Track is a rigorous college graduation initiative that empowers students to graduate from college from underserved populations. Our 10-year program eliminates the academic, socioeconomic, and social-emotional challenges from 9th grade through college graduation that keep low-income and first-generation students from obtaining their college degree.

The Knowledge Is Power Program

KIPP, a non-profit network of 224 college-preparatory, public charter schools serving early childhood, primary, middle, and high school children, is the Awareness is Power Initiative.

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